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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Gallia-Jackson-Meigs Board of Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services is to provide a coordinated, comprehensive consumer-driven system of mental health and recovery services to the residents of Gallia, Jackson and Meigs Counties. These services will be provided in a manner that is consistent with the values of human respect and dignity of the individual and families being served. Priority will be given to individuals with severe impairments and/or limited economic resources. In fulfilling this Mission, the Board shall perform the following functions:

1. Assess the needs of area residents for preventive and treatment services.
2. In cooperation with citizens groups and other local service systems, including but not limited to government, law enforcement, judicial, educational, health and human services, develop and implement plans for the provision of community-based services.
3. Research and access funding sources to support needed services and administer the distribution of these funds accordingly. 4. Contract with qualified agencies to provide services with an emphasis upon maximizing the resources of local providers.
5. Monitor and evaluate services for quality, acceptability, accessibility, appropriateness, and cost-effectiveness.
6. Prepare and submit reports to the appropriate sources of funding and certification entities and to the community.

Annual Reports

Annual Report – 2007

Annual Report – 2008

Annual Report – 2009

Annual Report – 2010

Annual Report – SFY11

Annual Report – SFY12